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CV Integrity

Does it really matter if your CV is not 100% accurate ?

So you have changed some employment dates to hide some career gaps..
You have altered the job title given at your last employer as you believe it did not reflect the seniority of your position?

It may not seem important but companies do carry out reference checks and you never know who know’s who!
A small untruth may result in you not having an interview or receiving an employment offer.
Or worse an employment offer being rescinded . Remember the trust element.

It is far easier to be honest. Indicate within your CV your reasons for employment breaks , and if it is relevant
what you did during these periods. Travel, study or re charging your batteries?

What’s in a job title? If you have a job title which you believe may not be a true reflection of your responsibilities you can indicate concisely what may be an equivalent level in another company . Or where the position sits within the current company. Try to avoid exaggeration.

If your profile is on a business website such as LinkedIn make sure it matches the CV you are forwarding to companies.
If a Company has received your CV and checks you out only to spot a discrepancy , well there won’t be any further progression.

Dressing For Interview

Dress to impress. First impressions are important!

Dress professionally and appropriate to the position you are applying for.
Be aware of the company dress code. Formal? Relaxed? Smart Casual? Or Casual?

If you are to be an ambassador for a luxury Brand then ensure your total look is polished.
If in doubt remember it is better to dress up than down regardless of company dress code.
If your interview is with a denim brand you could wear jeans…..their brand of course ..but with a smart jacket.

You wish to knock the interviewer over with your skills and achievements…. not your perfume or aftershave!
The same applies for makeup, jewellery and watches. KIS. Keep it simple. It will avoid distractions.

Don’t worry about being more conservative in your appearance than usual.
You want to be taken seriously and to avoid anything that will distract from you as a person.

7 Reasons why you need to use an Executive Search Company

7 Reasons why you need to use an Executive Search Company

C Suite

C level always and also for all other positions that are or will become business critical.

Passive Candidates

When you and your team have exhausted your own network to find the outstanding candidate required.  Ouch! That search is becoming a headache for you!

You want the Best

The best candidates are not always ‘on’ the market. Or you wish a good selection of the Best!  No CV on a job board? The candidate you seek could be that person who is very content and needs to be tempted away by a new opportunity.

Senior Niche and Critical.

You are looking for a person with very niche skills or the vacancy is highly confidential. An Executive Search company within your industry sector will have a wide awareness and the ability to find your needle in a haystack or to ensure clarity of selection when working with a large talent pool.

Business and Social Networks

Today we almost have access to too much information. Or do we? Not everyone keeps their profile up to date on social and business media. Some prefer not to share their professional profiles at all. Head hunters have an inside view of what is happening and where.

Time saving. A company to partner with you and save your valuable time.  Recruiting key people is labour intensive and often complex. A specialist Executive Search company will have a great network of contacts and will be able to deliver results quickly

A Guarantee

You are paying for a service and that always comes with a guarantee! Should something go wrong your Search Company will be there to resolve quickly.

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