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5 Men’s fashion trends we wish never existed

There are fashion trends we love, and then there are those that we wish would crawl back under the rock they emerged from. What are we talking about? Well, let’s take a look at some of the most popular men’s fashion trends which  some of us think definitely should never have come to pass.


Meggings, or male leggings, are a crime against fashion – we believe it’s true, and we know many people feel the same! Recently pitched by budding entrepreneurs on this series of ‘Dragon’s Den’, male leggings are  a  bit  of a joke. In fact, that’s what the Dragons thought, and we don’t blame them! Shiny or matt, patterned or plain, there are some things we just don’t want to see, and a man’s bottom and legs in Lycra are two very good reasons to steer well clear of this  trend!  ( Ok so we will  except cycling/ sports product here! )

 Super-skinny jeans

 We’re not aiming to offend  here, but super-skinny jeans fall into the same category as meggings – they’re just way too tight! Not that there’s anything wrong with an Indie man sporting a pair of skinnies and deck shoes; far from it. But those are-they-jeans-or-are-they-leggings skinny jeans – the ones that take half an hour to wiggle into – are just not for us. Plus, they’re not particularly flattering on men of any size!


 Onesies are cute – we know they are. On little  girls. Women in onesies can get away with  onesies to – although they’re still not designed for wearing out of the house. Men, on the other hand, look ridiculous in a onesie, particularly those who seem to think it’s a great look for a night out! We wish the onesie trend for guys would go away!

Levered sunglasses

These are NOT cool. Ok, so maybe Kanye West got away with them back in 2008 at the Grammys (just), but for the average human being, these are impractical and look  silly.  We bypass the rows of neon levered glasses for sale in Camden for a reason.

Belted coats

Umm, surely the point of a belt on a coat is to pull in your waist and accentuate your curves? Since men don’t have curves, a belted coat can look odd.  Great to have  a smart mac  worn open over a suit when it’s raining, but wearing a full-on belted style with the belt tied at the front  is not particularly flattering!

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