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Apple Smart Watch – Has this new gadget opened doors in the fashion industry?

Apple has recently launched their future generation smart watches which are going on sale in the UK 24th April, with prices starting from £299, £479 and £8,000 respectively. There’s been a major buzz in the media and lasting debates regards to the price, the customizable colours and whether there simply is a major need for this super sleek cool device?


We have been interested to hear the opinions of different people around the world who have the watch and  also those planning to purchase it. Our research team came back with some interesting viewpoints. Some have suggested ‘Apple fanatics will buy a snowman from Apple if they sold one’ and that the product is more of a collectable than a necessity.  Others have expressed they found the Apple Watch a very useful tool and that it hasn’t replaced the element of the iPhone at all, in fact it’s the right size screen for many important things, it shows the weather with one finger swipe, it gently taps your wrist when something important needs your attention, its lights up when you raise your arm and also alerts you when you have been sitting for too long.

What is interesting is the psychological aspect behind the device, some people who have tried and tested the watch indicate the company isn’t just selling some wrist-worn computer, they are selling good looks and coolness, with some bonus computer features. The watch is a status symbol, a sign of wealth and taste, but unlike a MacBook or an iPhone.

The world is advancing daily and this is the  beginning of a brand new industry of technology and fashion combining.

The fashion industry is definitely evolving into a new age, over time it has become more lifestyle and trend focused rather than dressing for the appropriate demeanour or occasion.

They say there is an Apple watch for everyone, depending on the material you choose there are a range of colours and price points. Apple has really pushed their selection giving the buyer a good choice from the straps and durability to match  personality, dress-sense and fashion style.


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