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Are You Succession Planning ?

Looking ahead for the talent and the leaders your business will require to achieve commercial business strategies and time frames?  People who can lead during times of considerable change and disruption just like now?!

Yes of course you are, and it is looking at critical positions at different levels and considering where there may be a need to move internal talent internally. Also considering the value someone can bring from a different industry sector?  There will be excellent talent lost from some sectors due to the current pandemic.  Are your competitors re-structuring? Is your business  more agile?

Finding the right talent to lead and inspire others during times of great change can be a challenge and it is naturally important to consider overall potential for the future.  Using different psychometric profiling as part of the interview process can be highly beneficial for both the Company and potential employee. Being aware of aspirations and specific training and development needs can equal greater employee longevity.

If you would like support with your succession plans and search process contact Vicki Morisetti.

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