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The Bearded Man

Well no-one currently at Talisman Fashion is sporting a beard, but we are always keen to hear what you think of the on going trend. So many celebs are continuing with the beard from Beckham to Ryan Reynolds.

We did however notice that George Clooney has recently returned to a clean shaven look. He was strolling along the red carpet with his bride-to-be. Perhaps Amal finds a beard and tash a bit scratchy. ( Wedding bells in London on the 12th September)

So if you or your other half are into  the beard trend do you like the full on bushy version or the designer landscape? Shaved head with bushy beard is good and we do like the tattooed beard.  We have not spotted any tattooed moustaches. ( Ouch painful! ) If you have then  do send some pictures.

Apparently the beard is a good place for breakfast lunch or dinner to land, so your other half could end up looking as messy as a young child who has just eaten.  So don’t forget the bib!

Should  you be planning to be an Olympic boxer forget it as  you cannot have a beard.  Apparently any cuts need to be visible .

So we will be watching the catwalks closely to check out  the beard trend as well as the fashion and we think our next blog should be  ‘All about the Tattoo’ !   Now  some of us are off to check out the Clooney wedding. Cameras at the ready!!

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