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Careers Within The Middle East

Are you ready for change and a new adventure and thinking of a move to live and work within The Middle East ?

As  the world emerges from the pandemic and the economic fallout  you may be considering where to live and work. Now the Middle East continues to attract talent from around the world . The UAE  ( Dubai especially ) Qatar and Saudi . This is due to excellent career opportunities with true scope for career development and success. Of course for many the lifestyle and climate are also very appealing along with tax free salaries!
Dubai is  generally viewed as the most cosmopolitan and  Qatar of course is very much in focus for sport with the significant monies invested for the 2022 World Cup . This naturally brings greater on going business opportunities.
Saudi is also moving forward and as it changes and conveys a more relaxed  21st Century approach further global talent is attracted to the opportunities here.
Talisman Fashion continues to work with companies across the GCC region and for positions at different levels of seniority
Examples of  excellent current opportunities  within Dubai and  Saudi include those within the Product Design/ Buying  and Merchandising areas :

Buyer Homeware   A fabulous Brand known for home furniture and beautiful table top / kitchen ware and general fashion décor.
Junior Buyer   A growing fashion forward ladies clothing Brand .

Interested? Follow the links and contact us for your new adventure !

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