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Do You Need Reasons to use an Executive Search partner?

Of course, you do!    —  Aside from the well-recognised shortage of talent .

C-Suite & Senior appointments: You want to attract the best and have an excellent selection, by using an Executive Search partner you will have that introduction to candidates who are not ‘actively looking’ . Do you wish to have more competition with your competitors?!

A Wider Reach: Your Executive Search partner will have in depth experience within your industry and allied sectors. This equates to an excellent network of contacts and in the case of Talisman Fashion within many different countries.

Commitment: When both sides commit to work together on a retained basis your ES partner takes on the responsibility to deliver results.

Diversity: With an excellent candidate reach your ES partner can ensure a diverse range of candidates .

Time Saving: Recruitment is labour intensive and can be complex and challenging for many different reasons. Let your collaborator – Talisman Fashion take on the challenges.

Business and Social Media Networks: Today we have so many source channels and of course some people choose not to share their professional profile – or just don’t have the time to keep profiles up to date. Let your external partner take responsibility for navigation!

Cultural Fit? Can AI assess cultural fit to your unique business or department? Not yet!

What about your internal Talent Resource Team?  Are they juggling too many projects? Let them reap the benefits of our wider reach, especially if you have a Board level appointment that needs to be treated confidentially ,or a highly niche position .

Too expensive? What guarantees are there with DIY?? If you use Talisman Fashion, there is a long guarantee. So if something goes wrong we take on the responsibility to resolve.

So what are you waiting for? By your side all the way.  Contact us today and in confidence.

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