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Dressing For Interview

Dress to impress. First impressions are important!

Dress professionally and appropriate to the position you are applying for.
Be aware of the company dress code. Formal? Relaxed? Smart Casual? Or Casual?

If you are to be an ambassador for a luxury Brand then ensure your total look is polished.
If in doubt remember it is better to dress up than down regardless of company dress code.
If your interview is with a denim brand you could wear jeans…..their brand of course ..but with a smart jacket.

You wish to knock the interviewer over with your skills and achievements…. not your perfume or aftershave!
The same applies for makeup, jewellery and watches. KIS. Keep it simple. It will avoid distractions.

Don’t worry about being more conservative in your appearance than usual.
You want to be taken seriously and to avoid anything that will distract from you as a person.

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