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 If you’re looking for Board or Executive level talent outside of your company then an Executive Search service will ensure the best candidates

 Why use an external specialised recruitment service to carry out an Executive Search?

 Executive Search or ‘Head Hunting’ is mostly but not always, purely for Board or Executive appointments. It is excellent for the niche or confidential vacancy, or when your own channels for recruitment have not delivered the results you expected!

We live in a world where there is easy access to so much information, sometimes too much information and we often assume that the gem of talent we require will be out there actively looking. The reality is often very different.

Companies are doing their best to develop and retain their key people.

21st Century talent. They know what they want and expect to be ‘Head Hunted ‘ not to put a flag up within social or business media. Indeed he/she may keep a low profile on social and business media and a higher profile person is not moved to connect purely by an email or social media connection.

Enter your external partner with in depth industry sector knowledge and an exceptionally wide network of contacts. A well-established business who know where to reach the talent and how to connect.

Talisman Fashion experts in Fashion, Retail Sport and Lifestyle recruitment.

Other benefits of using an Executive Search service
An exclusive focused search means that the period to interview and appoint can actually be quicker than sourcing yourself or operating with a consultancy on a contingency basis.

Additionally, as ‘passive candidates’ are not ‘on the market’ they will unlikely be pursued by other companies and therefore there will be less competition.

Whether operating at Board, Senior or Middle Management, many candidates like to have a third party they can talk with confidentially. Even when a vacancy is sensitive and confidential Talisman Fashion will ensure the best promotion of your business.

A good Executive Search Consultant is well connected with the credibility to make those calls that will be answered and will lead to an excellent short list of talent for your vacancy.

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