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Into the Metaverse and opportunities within the digital space .

The digital world is continuously evolving with ‘The Metaverse ‘being a hot topic. But before we move into this next virtual space let’s look at the current virtual technology.

Retail companies that may have been slower to adapt to eCommerce and the digital world are now becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of collaborating with external technology partners for AI.

Companies are using AI to help enhance the customer experience , promote product and ultimately to increase sales. For the world of fashion and sport there is now the technology to support your customer with styling advice through to garment and footwear correct fit and into the virtual fitting room. Digital dressing.

This amazing technological progression is also used by brands and suppliers for the development of prototypes. It saves time and money and the environment. No travel involved.

With such incredible advancement wider career opportunities will continue.

The following is an example within commercial sales – SaaS to view on this website:

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