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Made Redundant?

What to do?   Firstly. Be kind to yourself.

Don’t take your redundancy personally.  We are in a pandemic and employers are having to make very difficult decisions.

Even if you were expecting this and you were fortunate to receive a good redundancy pay out, you may well be on an emotional roller coaster.

You are not an island and it is important that you are open and tell your friends and family so you can have their support.

Be organised and ensure you create a clear up to date CV that is ideally no more than 2 pages.

Don’t apply for every position you view, especially when you recognise you are over or under qualified. The result will be disappointment for you.

Create a daily / weekly structure, so you maintain purpose.

Get the feel-good factor through continuing to look after your personal appearance. From exercise to wearing your day clothes. Yes day clothes! Staying in your gym jams may be comfortable but  it will probably have a negative psychological impact.

Even in Lockdown it is possible to find and do something that you enjoy, and this is important.  Cook, bake, read, paint, learn a language. That DIY project. Whilst you have free time do what you can and enjoy!

Stay positive and keep smiling . The future is brighter.

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