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Predictions for 2022 ? Even greater innovation !

Well, this is not Nostradamus nor a clairvoyant talking but we think many will agree with the following. There will be greater focus on sustainable,ethical and eco responsible product in 2022 . With the devastating effects of climate change highly evident within 2021 companies are shaping the future with their Scientists, Designers, Technologists and Engineers creating highly innovative product!

We are at that place where we are more focused on recycling, upcycling, and embracing a circular economy. Sourcing regenerated and sustainable materials and along with fair trade sourcing and investing in local communities there is most importantly greater transparency.

Most of us are familiar with bamboo and Tencel being used for apparel and accessories, but have you heard of jellyfish leather or mushroom leather? We understand quite definitely a thing!

So have you heard of all of the following amazing innovations?

On the fruity side: 

Pineapple fabric—Pinatex made from the leaf fibre or Vegatextile which is derived from grapes (the waste after the wine has been made! )

Orange Fibre The peel of oranges transformed into a silky fabric and mixed with other natural fibres.  Feeling peckish?

Eco friendly and vegan fabrics and most importantly the use of fewer chemicals and less water during production processes.

Econyl recycled synthetic waste which include some plastics and uses less water in the production process

Parblex a bioplastic that can be used for different accessories and trimmings   Produced from potato waste.

Tencel which many of us have heard of, is derived from wood pulp it’s known to be highly absorbent – more so than cotton – and it requires  less water and energy to produce .

Qmonos which is a made of fibre from spiders. It’s used to create a synthetic silk. (Or an alternative to nylon) A very strong lightweight and biodegradable product which doesn’t endanger the spiders!

Popcorn ! Yes but for building insulation no less!

Three cheers to 2022 and greater innovation !


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