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Preparing for Interview


Looking to progress past stage one of the interview process? Genuinely interested in the company and the opportunity?

What do you plan to do? In depth research!   It applies whether you are a Board Director or Junior Manager.

When preparing for interview even if the Brand is a household name you can find out more from different media and

from your Executive Search Consultant.


If you are well prepared you will not only have an insight to the future plans but to the challenges the business has or will face.

You will also have learned a little about the background of your interviewer(s) along with an insight to the different personalities.

Most importantly you will have gleaned a little about the business culture.


The more information you have the more comfortable you will be to communicate your skills and experience and create a clear story

of where you have made a difference and how you can do the same for another company.

You will also be able to interpret possible future challenges and opportunities.


The well-researched Executive will listen as well as engage and will appreciate the need to be able to provide good answers to questions given.

Also to anticipate the unspoken questions / potential areas of concern and to communicate a story that provides evidence of actions and outcome.

A true professional will provide accurate and truthful information. Never lie!

When you are well prepared you will be more relaxed and able to treat the interview process as a journey of discovery for each person.



Executive Search and Selection.   Preparing for Interview

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