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Reflecting on 12 months of change.

We have all had to adapt and accept change as normal during times that continue to hold uncertainty.

As a reminder of some of the  changes you have experienced in the last 12 months .

Do you remember thinking it would be a few years yet before we all embraced a cashless society? Yes! Now  ‘contactless’  is routine and you probably can’t recall when you last used cash !

You used to visit the supermarket now you probably only do so to create a ‘social’ outing.

So what else are you now buying online? Everything from DIY to beauty, clothing, and accessories to sports equipment. And …..Oh No you managed to select the wrong colour of paint and the trousers are too small ! ( Yep too much comfort food )

You always wanted to have the flexibility to work from home. Now it’s the new standard.  How many of us who have moved to WFH will return to an office or studio environment full time? Many employers will introduce or continue with a flexi rota system. Of course, remote working is not for everyone.

You never imagined educating your children at home and …..  juggling work commitments. So pleased they are back being taught by their usual teachers you say.

Employers are interviewing and recruiting remotely. Some are now less concerned about the geographical location of a potential employee. Naturally , long-term remote working is not realistic or practical for every position.

Your social life? What is that? Trying to remember the last time you went to the cinema/ a live concert/ a live sports event/ night club/ local bar or restaurant….. or the last time you went into a ‘physical store ‘ , ( aside from a grocery shop that is ).  The last time your travelled in your own country never mind overseas! Yep. We all have virtual social and travel experiences these days .

Exercise at home or work out in the park? Who would have thought you would be into a party workout on TikTok or a cardio  workout on YouTube. OK you are sticking to running and cycling.

The last time you met your family / relatives and friends in person….. ? The last time you hugged or kissed someone outside of your own home!

Oh and when did you last cut your hair ?!

The emotional and psychological impact has and will be significant, but you are resilient and can embrace change.  Give yourself a big hug ! Time to kick start and move into a new era.

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