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Savage Beauty

Savage Beauty at the V & A

We had the great privilege of  the  preview evening. What a fabulous exhibition! Book your tickets now!

There is a lot to see and truly admire and you will we promise  wish to spend a lot of time there and go again. It is that kind of exhibition.

Lee McQueen had extraordinary talent, a true artist and visionary. He created the most incredible theatrical clothing and accessories and his runway shows were amazing theatrical events.

At the V & A  we are given the opportunity not just to view his extraordinary creations but   in the ‘Cabinet of Curiosities ‘to watch videos of different shows and be surrounded by his work.

Here’s another  glimpse. From the Autumn/Winter show of 2006 there is an eerie 3 d holograph of Kate Moss which appears and fades within a glass pyramid.  It is taken from the  same runway show that  paraded the ‘Widows of Culloden’ with tartan tulle, lace and leather. The Londoner’s hark back to his Scottish ancestry.

He loved to shock and he was never afraid to experiment with different materials and to change direction’ so each season promised something even more extravagant and inspirational.

His influence across the fashion industry and beyond was significant and much more than what many people realise. His ideas inspired other designers through to street style.  Not just the ‘bumsters’ or the frills and 3d flowers, or the tartan and lace, or the slashed and incredibly draped tailoring.

Viewing his lifetime work is a true window to just how much of an influence he was and will continue to be.


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