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What to wear for interview?

First impressions are so important but like a first date it can be difficult to decide!

The following are small tips to consider.

If you are unsure of the Company work dress code do some research.  Ask your Recruitment Consultant or make a discreet call to the receptionist. Be prepared, that way you will be confident and comfortable and can focus on the interview itself.

Business formal or Business casual?  No-one can tell you what to wear but remember that you want to create an excellent first impression. The outfit you choose should be smart, clean and up to date. (An old suit, tired shirt or blouse will look just that).  For most interviews it is best to keep to more subdued neutral colours so the focus will be on you and your skills and experience not your clothes.

What to do and what not to do!?! Polish those shoes! They will be noticed as much as chipped nail polish! It’s all about the grooming!

This is not the time to overdo the make up or to wear excessive jewellery as you don’t need the interviewer to be distracted by jangling bangles.

Also be careful not to get carried away with the perfume or aftershave or you may be remembered for the wrong reasons!

Happy interviewing !

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