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Which will make the quickest bounce back? Beauty or Fashion?

In 2020 the global sales of beauty products apparently increased substantially to the previous year.  Quite something during a pandemic. The increase in sales was stronger for hair, skin, and personal care a trend that is set to continue. Well, if you cannot visit the hairdresser or the beauty salon DIY is to be expected!

With stores closed we are having to buy most products online and many companies have upped their direct-to-consumer presence . There has been a significant progression in providing virtual consultations as well as digital chat bots to obtain greater engagement and ultimately sales. (You mean you have not had a virtual hair consultation yet?)

Whilst sales are expected to increase with the categories afore mentioned it is very likely that there will be a drop in sales for fragrance and cosmetics during 2021 and a real shift across categories.

So where does this leave Fashion as in apparel and footwear? The expert’s prediction is that it will take much longer to recover.  Well until we can socialise in person and attend special occasions, there will be less need, certainly for smart or party wear. Except for those who continue to dress up at home and for all Zoom calls!

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