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Artificial Intelligence or Algorithms? What are your views?


Buzz talk.

 Can you use Artificial Intelligence or Algorithms  to improve your recruitment process?

 Yes you can. Well ok humans need to provide the mathematical information for the computer to calculate and the results are dependent upon that initial input.

With the right input you can speed up the pace of the hiring process. So you could create the tool that will identify potential candidates in terms of specific skills and experience. You could also create a robot assistant to manage some of the direct communication. Perhaps even carry out the initial robotic interview?

 Now this may work well for volume recruitment projects, but for initial identification of key people and for senior level appointments? ??

What Artificial Intelligence or Algorithms lack is the human touch. How do you assess the softer skills from leadership to overall communication and interpersonal skills? Ability to manage conflict / resolve problems and adapt?  Yes . There needs to be a human to understand the human!

 So Artificial Intelligence or Algorithms- – Great to speed up the more basic administration but not for the full Executive Search!

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