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H&M pioneer gender fluid denim collection

Unisex clothing has been around for years, but it hasn’t always been all that inspirational in the style department.

However, H&M are pioneering yet another genderless collection  which truly blurs the lines of feminine and masculine clothing.

Their new fashion forward denim line called ‘Denim United’ offers a laid back and super wearable, range of stylish, yet loose fitting clothing. Relaxed fits are all the range at the moment  and the new collection really highlights this, with XL Jackets, dungarees, jeans and shorts all layered with white and grey sportswear classics. The new line is due to launch globally and exclusively on H&M’s website on 23rd March, so be sure to make a note in your diary!

For more information check out the source of this article. If you’re interested in working with high street retailers and designing and developing denim fashion, then take a look at our recent Denim Design manager role.

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