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Why does it happen and who does it effect?    Candidates and Companies!

Let’s start with the candidate. If you apply for a job that you know is way above your experience and skill set … Recent graduate applying for a Director’s position? Or you suddenly decide you wish to change your profession from say a Lawyer to a Clothing Buyer? The Company will probably have received a high number of CV and will have time restrictions so unless they have an auto response set up you probably won’t hear back.

Of course, there are candidates who forward CV to a Company and then do not respond to the request for an interview. Again, not good practice as you don’t know when paths may cross in the future!

The Company. When you receive a CV you can forward an automatic response/ acknowledgement with an indication of a time frame. However, if you invite a person to interview it is only fair that you provide some feedback and within a reasonable time. Comparison. How long would you wait for a great candidate to decide on an employment offer? If a position needs to be put on hold for internal reasons and you have a preferred  candidate  from an interview process it  does not take long to email  That way you may still be able to move forward when the position re opens .

Bye Bye Ghosting !

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