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Selecting an Executive Search Company

How to Select The right Executive Search Company For Fashion , Sports and Retail?

Currently many industry sectors are finding that there is a shortage of ‘active’ talent  and appreciate that using a ‘ Head Hunter’ is not just for  Board or highly confidential  appointments but for the niche roles to. The skilled experienced individuals who can contribute and  make a real difference to a business. So you decide it may be time to partner with an external business. An Executive Search Company or ‘Head Hunter’.

Does the Consultancy have relevant and in depth experience within your industry sector and is it one with a good  reputation?

Whatever your sector  look for recommendations and   remember that It is important for you to be comfortable with the company and also with the  actual person who will be managing the Search process .

Do you Select  a Large Multi Office Company or a Boutique business?

The large company may have more offices and  hundreds of Client companies but that means  more ‘off limits’.

A boutique business will  have less restrictions  and be able to approach people within a wider network of companies .

Equally the geographic location of the business need not be a deciding factor

What will be their process be to attract the talent you require?

Look for a professional partner who will discuss the requirements in depth and who will be able to tailor the approach to these. Remember the Consultant should also be someone who is able to be your Brand Ambassador.

Time Frame to deliver:

No-one can guarantee time frames but there does need to be an indication of what you can expect. What is realistic ?


Whilst cost is important it should not be the deciding factor. What is important is that you are comfortable that the Consultant you are working with has taken the time to understand your requirements along with the   business, values and culture  and is able to commit to achieving a positive end result for everyone! The least expensive service like the least expensive product is not always the best .



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