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Snow Time


Well the USA has just had a very early arrival of snow.  Very picturesque but not good for getting to and from work.

Now Europe could be next so let’s hear about your outdoor wardrobe!

So what wonderful brands are being worn and what colours?  Are you playing safe with the winter darks or keeping

it light so you can merge with the snow?

We love the eye popping bights such as the reds at Anna Sui and the fab pastels and jewel colours at Ted Baker.

Or for those of us on a more modest budget are you into the great faux fur and animal prints on sale at High Street

greats such as River Island and H & M ?

Next up will be what welly boots… ? Personally I love my tartan fur lined ones (faux of course!)

Are you shivering yet, or are you out there having fun sledging and throwing snowballs?!

Looking forward to seeing more wonderful snow pictures and the clothes of course!!

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